A beautiful Tear Jerking Story

The night before my mother’s wedding, her brother was beating her up badly in front of me because my mother was not agreeing to remarry. My uncle warned her if she will not remarry he is going to stop feeding us. And if my mother agrees to marry then my uncle will take care of me. But my mother can’t admit to the groom that she has a daughter!

The next day, I was seeing, my mother sitting on the wedding stage as a bride with the groom and his son. I wanted to go to her several times but no one allowed me. But I was so hungry. No one gave me food except my mother. Once when I tried to go to her while hiding from the others! My aunt grabbed my neck and started slapping me. Suddenly an old woman came to rescue me like an angel. I was crying my heart out. Taking me on her lap, she asked me what happened? I said I wanted to go to my mother and pointed to my mother sitting on the wedding stage. She asked me again, “Are you sure that bride is your mother?” I nodded my head without knowing that the old woman is the mother of my mother’s new husband! She took me in her arms and appeared in front of the stage and explained the details to the groom. The man said, “If my wife can accept my son as her son why I can’t accept her daughter as mine?” He took some money out of his pocket and handed it to his mother and said; “Send someone to buy a new frock for her so she will look beautiful beside her mother! Taking me onto her lap, my mother was crying uncontrollably!

My father died when I was only 6 months old. Even when I was six years old, I did not understand what a father’s affection was like! But after getting my new family I have never ever felt like they were not my own blood relatives! I learned from them that family is not defined only by blood, but by the love between the people. To be of one’s ‘own blood’ is not important. ‘Good blood’ is important. Good blood means good people.

I always feel blessed and I feel like the luckiest daughter and granddaughter in this world. I want to become like my grandmother; honest, selfless, kind, grateful, hardworking and loving. So I spend most of my time with my grandmother. From the day I found her she became my favorite person and my best teacher!



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